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I know now that poverty does not have to be passed down like a family heirloom. Bridges taught me that I can end poverty in my life and for my children.” ~ Testimonial from Bridges Graduate

Bridges Out of Poverty is a tool designed for social, health and legal services professionals. Based on Dr. Ruby K. Payne’s “A Framework for Understanding Poverty,” the program connects service providers and businesses with people living in poverty.

MCOP offers the “Getting Ahead in a just Gettin’ by World” component several times a year in a 15-20 week class. It is a step-by-step, life-planning workbook for people in poverty that brings together three primary influences.

The class is about self-discovery, finding where you are and where you want to be and having the tools needed to get there. The course also includes Dr. Payne’s work on the hidden rules of class; research on knowledge transfer, and the knowledge of participants living in poverty.

The course includes relationship building, mentoring, and community collaboration. Each chapter takes participants on a self-discovery journey and offers the tools needed to gain self-sufficiency. You will begin to explore strategies for engagement that can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Bridges includes a Community Training component offering community, agency and business training. The outcomes of the training include:

  • Redesign programs to better serve the people you work with
  • Build skill sets for management to help guide employees
  • Upgrade training for receptionists, caseworkers & managers
  • Improve treatment outcomes in healthcare & behavioral healthcare
  • Increase the likelihood of moving from welfare to work

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